Star Trek Celebrities

Came home from work to my roommate watching Star Trek: Next Generation. So I end up watching as well, while pestering with questions about what on earth is going on. As part of the plot these ugly, snake-like aliens are introduced called Cardassians, which I keep hearing as Kardashians. On googling this amusing comparison I found that I'm not the only one who noticed it.
On the website 'Overthinking It' they used this picture for a very nerdy article on whether or not Cardassian females have nipples.... I'm going to assume yes based on evidence provided by their earth representatives the Kardashian sisters.

"Cardassians are snake-like in every sense of the word.  They are manipulative, with metaphorical “forked-tongues.”  They have scaly skin.  They like the dark and love moisture.  One of their favorite pastimes involves sitting on piping hot rocks, possibly to raise their body temperature."

I'm probably just being bitchy, but comparing the two does make me giggle.


A(nother) Promise to Post Religiously

So since my last post 7ish months ago I have moved out into my own apartment!! Well it's really only half mine, since I'm sharing with my darling friend and fellow costume party devotee Hamish. Which totally gives me an idea for what I can do with this post.

My goal for the coming year is to go to MANY more costume parties and dress up in a completely over the top way for every one of them. And to inspire me I'm going to post all the photos I have of the various costumes I've put together over the years.

Nov 2010 - Under the Sea Housewarming
~Algae Covered Rock~
Jun 2010 - Random 80s Hangout
Accompanied by Maggie Thatcher and Cyndi Lauper
Jun 2010 - Disney 22nd
~Ariel's Sister~ 
Accompanied by a Gypsy
Mar 2010 - Japanese 21st
~Cat Girl Maid~
Oct 2009 - Masquerade 21st
~Raven Masquerade~
Sept 2010 - Japanese 21st
~Glam Loli~
Jul 2009 - General Costume 21st
~Pirate Wench~ 
Accompanied by Pimp and Blue Fairy

Feb 2009 - Tim Burton 21st
~Sally the Ragdoll~

Jun 2009 - Alice in Wonderland 21st
~Alice Grown-Up~
Jan 2009 - Mexican 21st
Nov 2008 - Clue Murder Mystery Party
~Miss White the Maid~
Oct 2009 - Halloween
~the Black Dahlia~
So that's 12 costumes in almost exactly 2 years. My goal will be to try and do that many again, only all in this year. Yay Challenge!