Sid and Nancy

Is it pushing the 80s theme too much to be going to a themed party as Sid and Nancy a couple from the 70s because there was a famous movie made about them in the 80s? That totally makes them an 80s couple right? I'm just a little too much in love with punk.

That said, i think i could pull of Nancy Spungen pretty well. Maybe curl my hair a bit. Take up smoking. Fight with my boyfriend a lot and piss him off enough to shoot me. I'm willing to put in this effort.

And Sid was so cute. See no reason not to have someone I'm attracted to dress up as someone else i'm attracted to.

So yeah 15th of May, this will be me.


Cool Looking People in the City

so it turns out i'm even worse at updating regularily than i thought. Yet again i'm going to promise myself i'll do better.

Anyways, last week I was taking an extended break to escape my planned day on self motivated uni work and so walked up to Town Hall. On the way i saw some rather awesome looking people. After taking forever trying to get up the guts to ask for a photo I actually did, so i have a style hunting post for today :)

I actually have no idea what I is about this girl's style that caught my eye, possibly the awesome oversized tartan (made out of words btw), either way I love every part of this outfit. (also when i asked for a photo for my blog, she said she had one too. so when i find out who she is i'll link to her)

Not a block later, but I saw this outfit in the store window of ... I forget but it's on the corner of the Queen Victoria Building. I just find that the two styles are quite similar.
I thought this couple were just adorable quirky. Am a huge fan of bow-ties since Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl starting making my day each week while wearing them. Here's a selection http://www.fanpop.com/spots/chuck-bass/picks/show/198293/favorite-bow-tie or you could just join the facebook group dedicated to them http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chuck-Basss-Bow-Tie-Collection/84995862214. I just love how simple yet striking their outfits are, and the girl's bob is adorable.

This one was actually sent to me by my friend Sarah after her and her boyfriend chased this couple for a block trying to get the shot. While i don't think this dress was the best choice for this girl's figure, I really like the open back with big black bows. It's exactly the sort of sexy/cute mix that I like to wear myself. It really is such a shame that she has to wear it the was she is, the way it's bunched up just makes her legs look pudgy and gives the impression that she's hiding a belly roll.
This could almost have worked despite that, if it weren't for her horrendous shoe choice. Flat with tight short dresses just does not work unless you're going on 6ft and have amazing, toned legs; and this girl is neither. Also the fluffy white top of them just makes her look like she has fat ankles.


Tiny People have the Best Clothing

got treated by my mother to a new pair of ballet flat as my old ones have worn through in both soles and while working my way through Myer to the shoe section and saw some truly adorable dresses in the little girls section... am so jealous of their tiny ability to wear these things.

Not the best pictures, but was trying to be quick so as not to annoy my benefactor. I believe the last dress is from the Veronica's brand.

Also just for fun, Sarah and I had previously discussed the incredibly size of some people's breasts and had to give it a try. 20DD - take that


Long one to make up for lull

so i officially have no staying power. a whole week without posting once. so to make up for it i'm going to try and do a longer one combining a couple of posts.

firstly for yesterday I'll do a Tartan Tuesday :)

My tartan jewellery :) Bangle a birthday present from Jess and matching earrings and ring a Christmas present from Helen.

Secondly I was wandering through Hornsby Westfield and I noticed both Espirit and and Sportscraft mannequins had their belts done like this:

I thought it was a pretty cute way of wearing a belt for winter and adds a bit more interest to it as an accessory.

Was also quite happy to spot this coat in Cue, it's a lot like the one i got from Target last year (pictured on right). It's nice to know the bright red structure look is still good for winter.

Not quite the same, but certain similarities, pretty much i love this coat and like having my love of it reinforced by it being in fashion.

I hope i've made up for my terrible staying power, and i promise to keep up with my posts more.