Diamond Lovers and Further Essay Thoughts

We briefly discusses our essay topics in our tutorial today and I believe I have decided on my Nana idea. I'll have to trawl the library to try and find some books to help me with it. I do find it interesting how the manga and anime use actual Vivienne Westwood clothing when dressing the members of Black Stone, I'll have to rewatch the movie to make sure it also features them. And I need to check up on the designers worn by Hachi in all three mediums so as to try and keep my essay more balanced between the two, rather than just focussing on the punk aspects.

After watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes  again and the iconic "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" musical number, we were shown Madonna's "Material Girl" music video which is heavily based on it. While looking for image stills from the original movie I found links to many other versions featuring either the song or the look of that original scene. I find the comparison between them all quite interesting to look at, especially looking at the very different women trying to step into Marilyn Monroe's shoes in taking on this role.

First the original clip:

Now the more modern renditions:
-The Muppet Show w/ Carol Channing (who played the part in the Broadway musical) & Miss Piggy

- Madonna's Material Girl

- Kylie Minogue in a live performance  for the opening of 20th Century Fox's Australian Studios

- Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge

- Beyonce in the ad for Giorgio Armani's fragrance 'Diamonds'

- and most recently w/ Kristen Bell and Christina Aguilera in Burlesque

The huge diversity kinda has me feeling a bit like this.

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