Architecture vs Fashion Design Thinking

Working on my fashion film with two architecture students is opening my ideas to the huge differences in the style of design thinking that encouraged by the different faculties.
In the context of our film they seem to be drawn more to viewing figures from a distance, to capturing the entire scene at all times and having the mood set by the landscape surrounding. As a fashion student I find I'm drawn more to including extreme close-ups of the details of the movement and overall to have the figures filling a fair portion of the shot.
They focus on the main structure and concept of the idea, whereas I find myself wanting to concentrate more on the practicalities on how it will be done.
When it comes to actually styling the "models" for our scene they can see the importance of how the clothing shapes the persona but when I brought up the importance of make-up and accessories to complete the look, they seemed surprised that it would be necessary. The comparison that occurs to me with this is having the completed building and then bringing in the interior designer to finish off the look. Buildings are too big and complex to have one person (or small group of people) concentrate on every detail of its entirety; whereas in fashion we design the 'building', construct it, decide what sort of people will live in it (at least in the short term) and then design the "paint", "curtains" and "garden" that will finish off the look of it.

These differences have made for some communication challenges, but hopefully will lead to a stronger final product.

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