Something's Very Wrong Here

Teeki Swimwear - Summer '11

In some ways this image/post could be linked back to my post of the sexual child look frequently used by hollywood, but in reality this image has taken that idea a great distance in the wrong direction. I'm not sure if there's been an error in the editing but the proportions of this model give the impression of a 12 year old child with a woman's figure wearing a scaled down bikini and heels. I can't image that being what has actually been photographed, so it must be an adult model with an oddly large head (the proportion of head to body usually seen in prepubescents). Or perhaps it is the styling with big hair and huge sunglasses falsely giving the impression of such a large head. However when coupled with her gap-toothed grin and head titled to the side, the overall impression is incredibly uncomfortable to look at.

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